I’ve been working in digital product design for 10+ years, crafting Web, iOS and Android apps for multi-national clients such as Google, Microsoft and Vodafone.


As a UX Consultant I partner with digital businesses looking to take their app experiences to the next level. I believe design strategy is a key driver in the modern business landscape. Through my UX Reviews, Behavioural Audits and App Redesign packages I help profitable internet businesses become exceptional.






"Olly is an exceptional talent and one of the most progressive thinking and imaginative designers I’ve had the pleasure to work with."

Jay Green, Studio Art Director, Boss Alien


"Olly is brilliant... I'd recommend him to anyone looking to build a meaningful digital experience and look forward to working with him again" 

Danielle Anderson, Director of Digital Experience, Harris+Hoole


"Olly has an excellent sense of what’s important in user interaction, how to emphasise it with good design and how to turn it into a great product!"

Kristina Narusk, Product Manager Memrise


"We were trying to find was someone who shared our ideas and saw our vision. Olly was just that person! I would highly recommend him!"

Alex Dyer, Founder & CEO TutorHouse


"Olly has an uniquely elegant way of breaking down complex business messages into meaningful and considered designs for your website or app. It's a gift."

Dan Bowyer, COO Rise To

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