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Whether you have an existing app you need improving or you have a brand new project, I can help.

I partner with digital businesses to design delightful Web, iOS and Android apps and games. I help you discover your audience, define your product and design unfortgetable digital experiences. We work together to build a longterm and sustainable business that keeps you ahead of the competition, increases your customer retention and grows your revenue. Exceptional design is your competitive advantage.




What makes your customers tick? What are their needs, context and motivations? The "Discovery" phase helps answer these critical questions. We dig into your users minds to fully understand what drives them. An effective discovery phase is essential in creating amazing digital experiences.


How do we take what we've learnt about your customers and transform this knowledge into amazing products? The "Define" phase let's us focus on the real problems, uncover the possible solutions and prioritise what's important for your customers and your business. Great definition leads to great design.


Creating delightful digital experiences is all about great execution. Visual beauty combined with fantastic usability. The "Design" phase takes all we have learnt from the previous stages and puts this into action. I sketch, wireframe, visually design and prototype your experience.

“Olly is brilliant. Not only does he quickly grasp a brand and its principles, but also he clearly understands how customers interact with mobile devices and reflects those in his designs. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to build a meaningful digital experiences.”
— Danielle Anderson, Director or Digital Experience, Harris+Hoole

“Olly is an exceptional talent and one of the most progressive thinking and imaginative designers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. From initial UX flow through visual development to final polish, Olly has proven to be a positive, ultra-effective driving force in propelling a project to the most successful conclusion.”
— Jason Green, Studio Art Director, Boss Alien

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